Mails from live/hotmail/outlook are not delivered to a private domain

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I am the owner of a private domain, on which emails from Microsoft have no longer arrived for about 2 months.

from the private domain to Microsoft work correctly.

I report the error message generated:

Il recapito non è riuscito per i seguenti destinatari o gruppi:

Giorgia Fenati ( Il messaggio non è stato recapitato. Nonostante i tentativi ripetuti di recapitare il messaggio, non è stato possibile stabilire una connessione con il server remoto.

Contatta il destinatario in altro modo (ad esempio tramite telefono) e chiedi di avvertire l'amministratore della posta elettronica che il tuo sistema di posta elettronica non sembra in grado di connettersi al loro sistema. Specifica i dettagli dell'errore elencati di seguito. È probabile che l'amministratore della posta elettronica del destinatario sia l'unica persona in grado di correggere il problema.

Per altre informazioni e suggerimenti per correggere il problema, vedi questo articolo:

Informazioni di diagnostica per gli amministratori:

Server di generazione: Server di ricezione: 5/13/2024 8:39:57 PM - Server at returned '550 5.4.317 Message expired, cannot connect to remote server(451 4.4.0 Socket error: TimedOut)' 5/13/2024 8:29:28 PM - Server at ( returned '450 4.4.317 Cannot connect to remote server [Message=451 4.4.0 Socket error: TimedOut] [] [LastAttemptedIP=] [SmtpSecurity=-2;-2] DBAEUR03FT049.[]( 08DC735F1EB915AA'

Intestazioni originali del messaggio:

Received: from 

Reporting-MTA: dns; dns; Mon, 13 May 2024 18:52:34 +0000Final-Recipient: rfc822;info@giorgiafenati.itAction: failedStatus: 5.4.317Diagnostic-Code: smtp;550 5.4.317 Message expired, cannot connect to remote serverX-Display-Name: Giorgia Fenati

Da: Giorgia Fenati <>

Oggetto: prova

Data: 12 maggio 2024 22:34:54 CEST

A: Giorgia Fenati <>

I have already contacted the technical support of the private domain, and after several attempts they responded as follows

I carried out various tests and also migrated the account a couple of times for tests.

Unfortunately it seems that the problem is related to his domain, as on more than one server, using various domains for tests, the others' emails arrived in the inbox while his did not, in none of the servers tested. By analyzing the headers, I will show you the difference between your email and that of another domain on the same server:

Two emails on the same server, but two different domains, the first goes to the inbox, the other does not.

The difference I found in the headers is this directive, which by searching on the web is Microsoft's spam grade index:

The email is seen as spam, even though it is plain text and the same on both domains.

There is something on Microsoft that triggers this filter but we cannot know what it is.

Unfortunately he has to insist on their support for further clarification. If necessary, you can also forward a copy of the emails sent or personally analyze the header looking for this value, you will see that they are all 5 or greater.

On the domain side, everything is correctly configured on the DNS side, i.e. SPF, DKIM, DMARC and MX.

I have already tried to contact Microsoft's live chat support twice without a solution... both times they told me to write to but I am unable to send the request due to incompetence in filling out the form... .

please help me or direct me to someone who can help me

Thank you

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Exchange Server Management
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  1. Jake Zhang-MSFT 2,310 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Alex Bezzi,

    Welcome to the Microsoft forum for technical support.

    Based on your description, the user mailboxes at are not able to send emails to your private domain while you can send emails to other domains normally. And as  technical support of the private domain mentioned, these messages are block by Hotmail as spam.

    So, submitting the form to New support request ( is indeed the right thing to do, and for your inability to submit the form, I would suggest that you can either clear your browser cookies or try a different browser in a private window to get to that page.

    If you are still unable to access the webpage to submit the form, you are advised to post your case in dedicated forum for for more professional advice.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.


    Jake Zhang

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