Is it possible to implement deep linking in Windows app? I have created a Flutter app, and I want to do deep linking.

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Could you please help, Is it possible to implement deep linking in a Flutter app on the Windows platform?

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    To implement deep linking in your Flutter app for Windows, you can follow these general steps:

    Define Deep Link URLs: Decide on the URLs or URIs that will represent the different screens or actions within your app. These URLs should be unique and meaningful to your app's content or functionality.

    Handle Deep Links in Flutter: Use a package like uni_links or flutter_deeplink to handle deep links in your Flutter app. These packages provide APIs to detect and handle incoming deep link URLs.

    Configure App Manifest: In your Windows app's manifest file (Package.appxmanifest), specify the protocol and launch URI schemes that your app will use for deep linking. This tells the operating system how to handle deep link requests for your app.

    Handle Deep Links in Windows Code: Implement code in your Windows project to handle deep link activations. This typically involves listening for activation events and extracting the deep link URI from the activation arguments.

    Navigate to Relevant Screens: Once you've extracted the deep link URI in your Flutter app, use it to navigate to the appropriate screen or trigger the desired action within your app. You can use Flutter's navigation system to achieve this.

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