Creating a link from a word doc to a specific excel cell

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I'd like to create a link from a word document to a specific cell in a workbook sheet. I have tried \  work book address #gid=.'pagename -'!$A$160. which initially takes me to the correct cell but I get a pop up box saying "reference isn't valid" and when I put a different page name-cell ref it takes me back to the first cell referenced.

Is there any way I can do this easily and correctly please?


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    Hello Kirsten Affleck ,

    Thank you for reaching out on Microsoft Q&A.

    To create a reliable link from a Word document to a specific cell in an Excel spreadsheet, you can use defined names in Excel. This method is user-friendly and effective. Here’s how:

    1. In Excel:
      • Open your workbook and navigate to the target cell (e.g., A160).
      • Go to the Formulas tab and click Define Name.
      • Enter a descriptive name for the cell (e.g., "SalesTargetQ2") and ensure the Refers to field includes the correct cell reference (e.g., "=Sheet1!$A$160").
      • Click OK to save.
    2. In Word:
      • Position your cursor where you want the link.
      • Click Insert > Hyperlink and choose Existing File or Web Page.
      • Locate your Excel workbook and, in the Address box, type the defined name you created in Excel (e.g., "SalesTargetQ2").
      • Enter the display text for the link (e.g., "Click here to view Q2 Sales Target") and click OK.

    Ensure both documents are saved in the same or a trusted location to avoid security issues.

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