Getting access forbidden exception while re running the indexer

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Hi team,

We have created an index by configuring the document through open ai studio with daily indexer.

2 index got created in ai search with the name we provided and one more with {index name}-index also duplicate indexer is also got created.

From yesterday we are getting access forbidden exceptions while re running the second indexer which got created automatically. Its mapping to the skill set index.

Currently, we are using storage account, open ai and azure search in private network and for local access i have added ip in all these services.

Could anyone help with the reason for the access forbidden error.

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  1. SnehaAgrawal-MSFT 19,436 Reputation points

    @lakshmi Thanks for reaching here! If you are seeing "access forbidden error" this generic error possible due to firewall block-

    There are two options for allowing indexers to access these resources in such an instance:

    Configure an inbound rule for the IP address of your search service and the IP address range of AzureCognitiveSearch service tag. Details for configuring IP address range restrictions for each data source type can be found from the following links:

    Limitation: IP address range restrictions only work if your search service and your storage account are in different regions.

    In addition to data retrieval, indexers also send outbound requests through skillsets and custom skills.

    For custom skills based on an Azure function, be aware that Azure functions also have IP address restrictions. The list of IP addresses to allow through for custom skill execution include the IP address of your search service and the IP address range of AzureCognitiveSearch service tag.


    Please let us know if issue remains.

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