Errors installing Azure HCI Stack VMware VMs

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I am attempting to install the a 2 node Azure HCI Stack onto a ESX host using Vsphere. I found the hardware validation script to help assist with the deployment errors i was receiving on the portal. Any assistance with resolving these errors would be appreciated. I did add a virtual TPM module on each server.

☢ ▼ Needs Remediation PhysicalDisk - Test PhysicalDisk API Checking PhysicalDisk has CIM data

☢ Node1: Null

✎ Help URL:

☢ ▼ Needs Remediation - Test Single Node All Flash Checking single node is all flash

☢ Drive Type: HDD: False, SSD:False, NVMe:False, SCM:False

✎ Help URL:

☢ ▼ Needs Remediation TpmEndorsementKeyInfo - Test TPM Certificate Properties Checking TPM for desired properties

☢ 114860BB49E845B83A351B52A94A33A6F36DB2A3: Current: False. Valid Algorithm: True. Valid Key Usage: True.

✎ Help URL:

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  1. hossein jalilian 4,615 Reputation points

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Q&A forum.

    It seems that you're facing issues related to hardware requirements and configuration:

    • Review and ensure that your virtual machine configuration meets the Azure Stack HCI hardware requirements, including the number of disks, disk types, disk sizes, and TPM configuration .
    • Consult the VMware documentation and ensure that the virtual TPM module is properly configured and enabled on the virtual machines.
    • If the issues persist, you may need to contact Microsoft support or seek assistance from the VMware community for further guidance on deploying Azure Stack HCI on ESXi hosts.

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  2. jpcapone 1,356 Reputation points

    I am thinking that the vm needs to be configured to present NVME or ssd drives to the OS and not scsi. but that won't help with the

    Test PhysicalDisk API Checking PhysicalDisk has CIM data

    The TPM module seems to be responding appropriately.


    TpmPresent : True

    TpmReady : True

    TpmEnabled : True

    TpmActivated : True

    TpmOwned : True

    RestartPending : False

    ManufacturerId : 1447909120

    ManufacturerIdTxt : VMW

    ManufacturerVersion :

    ManufacturerVersionFull20 :

    ManagedAuthLevel : Full

    OwnerAuth : xxxx/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    OwnerClearDisabled : False

    AutoProvisioning : Enabled

    LockedOut : False

    LockoutHealTime : 10 minutes

    LockoutCount : 0

    LockoutMax : 31

    SelfTest : {}

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