Azure SQL MI Database Manual Backup & Retention Policy

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why do we get such an error when we try to do manual backup for sql server managed instance?

In this backup we redirect the backup to url (storage account), but it fails due to encryption error.

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when we also use command line it fails with the same error:

TO URL = N'https://storageAccounturl/mspsdp18May2024.bak'


, STATS = 1



, BLOCKSIZE = 512;

Msg 41922, Level 16, State 1, Line 14

The backup operation for a database with service-managed transparent data encryption is not supported on SQL Database Managed Instance.

Msg 3013, Level 16, State 1, Line 14

BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

The second question, if the retention policy shows last backup 11/5/2024 how can we change policy to daily? does just in time concept work here?

can someone help here?

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  1. Alberto Morillo 33,176 Reputation points MVP

    Take in consideration also that you cannot backup a database encrypted with service-managed Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). Try to disable temporarily Transparent Data Encryption on the database you want to backup for the backup operation to finish successfully. Please follow the steps outlined in this technical article.

    On this second technical article, you will receive information about how to configure backup retention for Azure SQL Managed Instance.

  2. Fadi Alzebdeh 25 Reputation points

    one more question, if it shows last backup 12/5/2024 how does the PITR work? i could not understand this point, will continue backing up after the 12/5/2024 till the next full backup or how does the mechanism work here?