Redirect Issues Encountered "Too Many Redirects"

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Hello Azure Community,

I'm currently experiencing a challenging issue within my Django project, which is presenting as unexpected redirects. The behavior is sporadic, and despite my considerable efforts in isolating and troubleshooting the problem, the root cause remains elusive. I am hopeful that by sharing my experience here, the community might provide some insights or suggest steps that could help in solving this.

The primary symptom is an unexpected HTTP 301 redirect which occurs intermittently across various parts of the application. The redirection is not outputted by any explicit logic within my Django views, making it an unusual behavior that I'm struggling to understand.

My project makes use of a combination of standard and custom middleware for tasks such as authentication, error handling, data sanitization, and rate limiting. I've thoroughly reviewed my middleware configuration, as shown below, and it aligns with the Django documentation:











Steps I've taken so far include:

Detailed review of Django views and middleware settings: I've found no explicit redirection logic that could cause these behaviors.

Examined NGINX configurations: I have also pored over the server configurations to check if the redirects originated there. However, no settings indicated an obvious issue.

Isolating blocks of code: I've isolated different parts of the code to check for any anomalies causing the issue, but with no success.

I find it intriguing that no clear error message or exception points to a definitive origin of this issue. The nuances of this problem are increasingly complex as the redirects aren't consistently reproducible, adding to its unpredictability.

Given these circumstances, I would greatly appreciate any insights into this matter. Are there any known issues or peculiarities that could cause such behavior? Are there further areas of the project I should scrutinize or additional troubleshooting steps you could suggest?

Your expertise and suggestions will be immensely helpful in guiding me towards a resolution and are much appreciated.

Best Regards, Aaron

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