Interop.Excel always saving in default path even specifying the path manually for Office 365

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Trying to create an Excel file using Office.Interop.dll (15.0.4795.1001).But it is taking the default file path instead of the path which set manually.

            if (extensionObj != null)


                relativeExcelPath = string.Concat(System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(extensionObj.WorkflowPath), "\\", workflowName);


            // Checking if excel file is present in workflow running directory, if exists then open the file in workflow running directory otherwise 

            // continue with user supplied path.

            excelPath = System.IO.File.Exists(relativeExcelPath) ? relativeExcelPath : context.GetValue(Path);
```public static void SaveExcel(excel.Workbook myWorkBook)


    excel.Application myApp;

    myApp = new excel.Application();

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