How to retrieve all Schema Versions from a given Schema Group, Schema in EventHub.

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I am trying to access Schema Registry of a Event Hub Namespace. I want to be able to read all the versions of a SchemaDefinitions inside a known SchemaGroup and SchemaName.

I know that there are SchemaRegistryClients(Azure class) provided in Azure SDK for java repo which allows us to read schemas from Schema Registry provided we have SchemaGroup, SchemaName and version number.

In my case I am trying to read all the schema versions for a schema, is there a way for me to get a list of all versions of the Schema Definition? I am currently providing sequence of integers starting from 1 to read all versions of SchemaDefinition for a Schema, does this look good or is there any better alternative available? Also could you raise a request so that Azure SDK provides this feature in the future if it is not provided yet?

We have APIs(Azure API) available which provides us list of schemas under a SchemaGroup, does this provide all versions of all Schemas under a group or just the latest versions of all the schemas under the SchemaGroup?

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