what is best practice using Azure SQL Database ?

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My customer decided to use Azure SQL Database.

In Azure, you can create and use multiple databases in one Azure SQL Database Server.

Is there any problem if I use it like this? Or do I need to create a SQL Server for each database?

The people who access each database are different, and each database is independent.

Currently, a single server is created and multiple databases are created and configured.

I wonder what the best practice configuration is in terms of Azure.

If anyone knows, please respond.

thank you!

Azure SQL Database
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  1. Alberto Morillo 33,251 Reputation points MVP

    If each database is independent, and cross-database queries are not common, Azure SQL is a perfect choice. No need to create a logical Azure SQL Server per database. One logical server is good enough. In case a database is accidentally deleted that logical server will allow you to recover it (undelete it).

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