TrustedSigning Diagnostic Setting to Log Analytics Workspace Not Working

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I have a TrustedSigning resource where I have configured diagnostic logging to a storage account and log analytics workspace. The storage account receives data but there is no data being sent to the log analytics workspace. All the tables are blank.

This documentation outlines that it should be supported but I am not seeing it work the for workspace: Access signed transactions in Trusted Signing | Microsoft Learn

Here are my diagnostic settings, am I missing something or is TrustedSigning not actually supported for log analytics workspace? I have tried a separate settings just to a workspace with no luck either.

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Azure Trusted Signing
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  1. Reimon Ferreira 0 Reputation points

    Try querying the Log Analytics workspace for logs using a broad query to see if any data is being ingested. Use a query like search * | where TimeGenerated > ago(1d) to check if any data has been recorded recently.