how to imporve SMB2 copy performance in win11 23H2 computer

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hi :
I encounter a SMB2 copy performance low problem.

The test system is win11 23H2.

I use a motor-comm NIC card(GigaBit) as a server, and use a Realtke NIC card(GigaBit) as a client.  Then I run copy action.  But I got a low performace. like that![pic1](/api/attachments/9b459597-3d6c-419a-b41d-b324e24b1f1e?platform=QnA)

I also check the wireshark log in the server side. I discover that it will enter in the pause state for the millisecond.


we can see that in Frame 9626, the server receive the ack packet from the client side. But it still wait 22ms to send data packet in Frame 9627. I think this time is too long. Why OS or SMB2 need to wait so much time? Can anybody tell me?

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