Can we discriminate the actual reason for the behiavour of defragmentation?

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Given that in this deployment history (and previous ones), storage disks analyze much more easily the fragmentation even when heavier with data than the system disk,

Is it only the system disk that requires this effort or, like it is reported in documentation, it is the manner in which the OS was installed firstly by way of using memory as a primary setup? for example Windows Preinstallation Environment (WindowsPE) it is described to end up to better performance because it doesn't use a memory inlet to write the initial (or some) data.

But it may be simply the system disk that cannot analyze so freely the fragmentation; on another document however, it's also suggested that the system disk be formatted priorly by a running Windows instance for better stability (here though, on a side query, what about the frequency of lost integrity with 'sfc' and the image health? does that not affect the formatting procedure in any way?).

A difference has also be noted between two storage disks that have been formatted by running Windows and while they both are more easy analyzers than the system disk, one of them has ever less effort to expend for analyzing than the other.

(Granted to all this, that 'chkdsk' cannot report any error, nor any more specialized application for that matter e.g. CrucialScan, etc.)

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    The main issue is that the defragmentation of the system disk occurred frequently, right?

    Defragmentation is the process of moving portions of files around on a disk to defragment files, that is, the process of moving file clusters on a disk to make them contiguous.

    If it occurred frequently, there may be software writing to the disk and deleting files frequently. As a result, the disk got many small cluster and need a defragmentation.

    Defragmenting Files - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

    There is disk resocvey tool could be used to check the deleted files (just goole it). This tool may be useful to help verify whether there were largea amount of files deleted frequently

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