Monitor | Alerts dashboard show affected disk for diskspace usage > 90%

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Hi all,

I have an alert based on a custom KQL that will notify us when a Linux VM filesystem has over 90% capacity usage. Is there a way to show the affected filesystem in the Monitor | Alerts dashboard when this alert has been triggered?

KQL query:

| where ObjectName == "Logical Disk" 
| where CounterName == "% Used Space"
    and InstanceName !has "/snap"
    and InstanceName !has "/run"
    and InstanceName !has "/usr"
| where CounterValue > 90
| project TimeGenerated, InstanceName, Computer, CounterValue

I've tried the following:

  • Changing the scope of the alert to subscription, log analytic workspace or VM itself
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    I think the dashboard doesn’t directly show the affected filesystem, but you can try enhancing your alert configuration to provide more context. If you’re monitoring Azure Files, you can consider creating separate alerts for each file share within a storage account. Use descriptive alert names or descriptions to indicate which file share triggered the alert.

    Note If the file share is a standard file share, the File Share dimension won't list the file share(s) because per-share metrics aren't available for standard file shares. Throttling alerts for standard file shares will be triggered if any file share within the storage account is throttled, and the alert won't identify which file share was throttled. Because per-share metrics aren't available for standard file shares, the recommendation is to have one file share per storage account.

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