How do we help/increase the reading accuracy "train the OCR AI to read better letters and numbers" better

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using the Azure AI OCR to read numbers and letters that has been stanched on Plates

increase the accuracy of the AI OCR to read punched numbers and letters on a plate, is there anyway i can do this? or do i in that case have to train my own.

My question is, can i help, or get help with this or maybe Microsoft team and train the OCR AI to better read numbers and letters from iron plates that has gotten the letters and numbers punched in to it.

providing a image for example with OCR in Vision Studio i got NFOSEEN009291/11/B1DN50PN40

Screenshot 2024-05-24 143856

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    Hello Johan Ögren ,

    Thank you for reaching out on Microsoft Q&A.

    To improve the accuracy of Azure AI OCR for reading punched numbers and letters on plates, consider these effective steps: Firstly, while you can't directly train the Azure OCR service, you can create a custom OCR model using Azure Custom Vision by providing high-quality images with correct text labels, covering various fonts and lighting conditions to enhance recognition capabilities. More information is available here. Additionally, preprocessing images can significantly boost accuracy through techniques such as enhancing contrast, reducing noise, and ensuring proper cropping and resizing. Azure Cognitive Services offers Form Recognizer, which is useful for structured data like license plates; you can explore this option here. By combining these methods, you can significantly enhance the OCR accuracy for punched numbers and letters on plates.

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