Issues connecting Onedrive Excel sheet to third party app

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To start off, I want to say that I am in no way a developer or know any coding. So forgive me if I am unable to explain this efficiently. Here is what I am trying to do: I build a very basic app with go.glideapps to show all the vehicles i have. The data that the app uses is supposed to do a 2 way sync with a specific excel sheet that is saved in my onedrive. When I change things on the sheet on the web and/or on the desktop app it shows the change in the Glide app and updates my app accordingly. This worked fine for several months. Then my computer had some technical difficulties. I had to reset my computer entirely, changed account names for my microsoft acct, etc. Now when I try to make the connection from Glide to my excel sheet I get the following error:

Error 1062

{"error":{"code":"FileOpenUserUnauthorized","message":"You do not have permissions to open this file in the browser.","innerError":{"code":"unauthorizedUncategorized","message":"Required authentication information for the resource is either missing or invalid.","innerError":{"code":"FileOpenUserUnauthorized","message":"You do not have permissions to open this file in the browser."},"date":"2024-05-23T22:33:04","request-id":"29341337-9530-4ac4-923b-8f8570885b96","client-request-id":"29341337-9530-4ac4-923b-8f8570885b96"}}}

To my knowledge, this is saying I do not have permission to access the file. However, the file has been allowed to be shared and what not. I am wondering if having to completely reset my computer caused the problem? Maybe my onedrive is pointing to a different location or something? I am so lost on what to do or how to troubleshoot the issue.

I am fairly sure it has nothing to do with the Glide program, because I can connect other microsoft accounts without an issue. This issue only comes up when I am working with this one specific microsoft/onedrive account (referred to as OD#1 in this post).

I thought maybe if I shared the specific file to another one of my onedrive accounts (referred to as OD#2 in this post) it would work, but that was not true. I was able to get the sync to work on all other worksheets that was made with OD#2. But when I try to connect Glide to the shared sheet from OD#1 to OD#2 (using the connection from Glide to OD#2) i get the errors.

I can post screenshots or something after the holiday weekend.

Any troubleshoot tips would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Jiajing Hua-MFST 6,910 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Tammy Grange

    Does this issue occur with all files in OD#1 account?I suggest you copy the required data to a new blank workbook in OD#1 and check this issue.

    I suggest you go to Credential Manager > Windows Credentials, clear/remove OD#1 credentials.********************************************

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