How to add cname record into a subdomain at DNS zone in Azure

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Hi Team,

We are encountering an issue in our domain for creating a auto validating certificate. The main issue revolves around the auto-validation of certificates.

Here’s a detailed overview of the problem:

  1. Current Setup:
    • consider our domain, ****, registered with GoDaddy.
    • We have a frontend named ****.
    • A DNS Zone is created, and the NS record is updated in GoDaddy to route traffic from Azure to GoDaddy.
  2. Problem:
    • We have NS records for our subdomain in both GoDaddy and Azure.
    • Due to this setup, we can't create a CName record on both ends unless we map the CName to the Front Door endpoint.
    • Without this CName mapping, the certificate does not auto-renew.
  3. Comparison with AWS:
    • AWS provides an option to choose between auto-renewal and manual renewal while creating a certificate. However, this option seems to be missing in Azure, or I might be missing the correct steps to achieve this.

Request for Assistance:

Can anyone advise on how we can set up the auto-renewal of certificates in Azure given our current setup? Specifically, we need guidance on the correct process for creating and managing certificates with auto-renewal in Azure, considering the limitations we are facing with CName records and NS records.

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  1. GitaraniSharma-MSFT 48,511 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Varun Deepak Jagadeesh (Nallas) ,

    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A Platform. Thank you for reaching out & hope you are doing well.

    As per Azure Front Door document,

    Azure Front Door (Standard and Premium) managed certificates are automatically rotated if the domain CNAME record points directly to a Front Door endpoint or points indirectly to a Traffic Manager endpoint. Otherwise, you need to re-validate the domain ownership to rotate the certificates.

    Have you delegated your domain to Azure as mentioned in the below tutorials?


    Could you also confirm if you are trying to create a CNAME for a subdomain or an apex/root domain?

    Apex domains are at the root of a DNS zone and don't contain subdomains. For example, is an apex domain. Azure Front Door supports adding apex domains when you use Azure DNS.




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