WinGDK: support for DX12 & Intel XeSS ?

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I've read confusing informations & statements, regarding missing support of DX12 & Intel XeSS when making use of WinGDK to release/port to Xbox Game Pass FOR PC :

as noted by Game Developer Slavic Magic / Publisher Hooded Horse for the game Manor Lords


in the patch notes (the game uses UE4 4.27+),

which not only removed XeSS but also disabled the ability to run the game in DX12 :

Version 0.7.95 Minor changes: -Removed XeSS from WinGDK since Intel said it's not supported yet

what does it mean? Intel does not support XeSS when using it inside WinGDK ?

or WinGDK still does not support DX12 or XeSS ? Hard to believe..

The specific game in question (same patch version) runs fine on steam via PC platform where it's using DX12 which is a prerequisite for XeSS to work - but is limited to DX11 and no XeSS on Xbox Game Pass PC (winGDK)...

I have seen numerous other WinGDK / Xbox Game Pass PC games that seem to run on DX12 without problem,

and some of them also using both UE4 4.27 and offering XeSS which works just fine.

so, what's the deal with WinGDK & Intel XeSS / DX12 ?

Does it work in general, yes/no ?

Is it supported yes/no ?

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