How do I override the default Blazor scaffolding template in Visual Studio 2022

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I want to edit the scaffolding template for Blazor CRUD pages, but my changes to the template are not being reflected in the output.

I tried researching this issue, and the closest answers I could find are how to edit Razor templates, or MVC component templates. I tried following these instructions, adapting to my project (I copied the Blazor folder (C:\Users\username.nuget\packages\microsoft.visualstudio.web.codegenerators.mvc\8.0.2\Templates\Blazor) instead of Razor into a folder in my project called Templates, hierarchy shown here: hierarchy shown here) and then I changed the header of the file (<h1> to MudBlazor's header text) to test if it would work:

<!-- Test override -->
<MudText Typo="Typo.h3" GutterBottom="true">Create was changed</MudText>
<!-- Test override -->
<h4><#= modelName #></h4>
<hr />

but I noticed upon saving, a file named Create.cs would be created in the same folder: a file named Create.cs would be created in the same folder with the only contents being


and attempting to scaffold would give an error. I tried deleting the Create.cs file, and starting again, but it seemed like it used the default template instead of my override. I then changed the template inside the installation directory(C:\Users\username.nuget\packages\microsoft.visualstudio.web.codegenerators.mvc\8.0.2\Templates\Blazor), and tried scaffolding again, but again, no changes were shown in the output. What am I doing wrong?

Not sure if this is at all relevant, but Visual studio is spitting out these errors since I copied the template into my project: these errors

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