Enabling minimum apiVersion to 2021-08-01 in Azure API Management causing saving issues or deployment errors for existing logic apps

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After having saved or enabled rather the minimum apiVersion for API Management to 2021-08-01, I cannot save my logic apps that have API management connectors within the logic app, which are making API calls to the APIM. The error given when dis:

The service is configured to allow management requests only with the following api-version values: 2021-08-01, 2021-12-01-preview, 2022-04-01-preview, 2022-08-01, 2022-09-01-preview, 2023-03-01-preview, 2023-05-01-preview, 2023-09-01-preview

This issue came about because Microsoft announced the retirement of API versions. Is there a way to fix this error within the logic app's ARM template or the logic app itself from the Azure portal?

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