Routing API using Truck as Travel Mode is going through residential areas

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We're currently building a process to optimize routes for trucks, were calling the Get Route Directions API while passing these parameters:

var calculateOptions: CalculateRouteDirectionsOptions = {
     computeBestOrder: True,
     travelMode: "Truck",     
	 routeType: "Shortest",
	 vehicleCommercial: true 

We've noticed that the routes are still going through residential areas, we were wondering if there was a way to make sure they dont go through roads these trucks are not allowed to go through?

Here below is an example of this:

Route Details

The blue line is going through a residential area, where it should be taking the route downwards like the orange line because its a commercial truck (The orange line is the truck returning from other points). Here is the overview of the entire route: Route Overview

I was wondering if there was any practical way of going about this? To make sure the routes prioritizes non residential areas for trucks to go through

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