Can we install the newer FSLogix, while the AVD machines are in use (and using FSLogix)?

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I want to deploy the newer FSLogix Apps to the Azure Virtual Machines using InTune. Using the following install switches: /install /quiet /norestart My AVD machines are running in multi-user mode.

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    Hello Merina,

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    I understand that you are asking how to install the newer FSLogix, and while the AVD machines are in use (and using FSLogix).

    Yes, you can install the newer FSLogix while the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) machines are in use. However, updating an application that is currently running can be challenging and could potentially fail if the application is in use. Therefore, it is generally recommended to update the application when it is not in use.

    You can deploy the newer FSLogix Apps to the Azure Virtual Machines using InTune with the following install switches: /install /quiet /norestart. Your AVD machines can continue running in multi-user mode during this process.

    After the installation, the newer FSLogix Apps will take over when the AVD machine reboots, which could occur due to a scaling plan, or a power off and power on event¹.

    There are also alternative ways to update FSLogix:

    1. Scripted Actions with Nerdio.
    2. Scheduled Task or Group Policy Object (GPO).

    This is a similar answer from an expert:

    More references:

    FSLOGIX Configuration:

    Install or update FSLogix the easy way:

    FSLogix Enhancements for AVD Environments – Nerdio for Azure:

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