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I am trying to run a load test for my service, and I need to obtain an AAD bearer token to communicate with my service. Until now, I used secret-based authentication and use the GetSecret() method for the client_secret in my jmx test script and then added as a parameter KV reference to my secret.

 However, I now need to use certificate-based authentication and have not found a way to do it without the secret. Is there any way to authenticate using a certificate instead of a secret? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Azure Load Testing
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Microsoft Entra ID
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  1. Oz Mizrahi 0 Reputation points Microsoft Intern

    Hi @Sina Salam

    To receive an access token, I am using the OAuth2 flow. I'll try to be more clear about the process I've implemented so far.

    Until now, my flow has been as follows:

    1. I had a user-defined variable for retrieving the client secret, which I referenced in the Load Test environment:
    1. I used this variable in my POST request:
    curl -X POST 'https://login.microsoftonline.com/${
    1. Next, I added two processors (JSON Extractor and JSR223) to retrieve the token from the response:
    1. I was then able to use the access_token in my desired requests that required a Bearer token, with this header:
    Authorization: Bearer 

    In the new flow, I need to use a certificate that stored in Azure Key Vault instead of the client secret that I used so far.

    Best regards,