Using SMI in Synapse Spark Job

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We have Synapse Pipeline with Spark Job Definition We currently use SPN to read data from ADLS2 and also to write to kusto with Spark Kusto Connector (Getting a token from SPN)

We have saved SPN credentials into AKV.

We have urgent requirement to move away from SPN completely. I have been trying to use UAMI for the past few days but seems impossible please could you suggest us a design for our purpose

Hadoop Connection: "OAuth""org.apache.hadoop.fs.azurebfs.oauth2.ClientCredsTokenProvider" $ $app.secret $client.endpoint

Kusto Spark Connector:
df.write .format("") .option(KustoSinkOptions.KUSTO_CLUSTER, cluster) .option(KustoSinkOptions.KUSTO_DATABASE, database) .option(KustoSinkOptions.KUSTO_TABLE, tableName) .option(KustoSinkOptions.KUSTO_ACCESS_TOKEN, token)

.mode(SaveMode.Append) .save()

For hadoop, I tried to use org.apache.hadoop.fs.azurebfs.oauth2.MsiTokenProvider and MSI Client Id but it failed (Connection socket timeout, so can't get a token) I tried to use a custom TokenProvider using DefaultAzureCredentialBuilder but it failed.
Similarly, I tried to generate a token using DefaultAzureCredentialBuilder and pass it to Kusto Connector but it failed

Please can you help us into our design update, with no SPN involved

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