How to deploy prompt flows created in Azure AI Studio using a compute cluster(or a single compute instance)?

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I want to call my prompt flows as endpoints and using Azure AI studio, this would require each flow to have its own compute instance in order to deployed as a real time endpoint. This would incur a lot of cost.

In the linked post below, I've found that the flows can be deployed using a compute cluster in Azure Machine Learning.

But the thing is, I'm using Azure AI studio to create and work on my flows and when I try create a compute cluster from my associated AzureML workspace linked to my Azure AI Studio hub, the following message is shown that

Clusters are not supported in workspaces created using a hub. Select serverless computeinstead at the time of job creation.

Can anyone explain what does this mean and how would I go about creating a single compute instance/cluster for my prompt flows?


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    @Das Gupta, Abhijeet When you use AI studio the corresponding workspace is created of kind Hub. Hub workspace do not support Compute clusters. See the table on his page on what type of features are supported by hub workspace. So, basically this is by design, and you cannot currently use a compute cluster for this type of workspace.

    Also, it looks like prompt flow only supports serverless and compute instance type compute for the flows. See this page for infra setup.

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