How to symbolicate ios app Crash developed in .Net MAUI that we are getting from appstore connect

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Hi Team,

We have a app developed in .net MAUI for both android and ios. We are able to see Crashes in ios (Appstore connect)
here is how we are able to see the crashes

Step 1 :- open X-Code
Step 2 :- click on window> Organizer

Step 3 :- select the app and click on crashes. we are able to find the crashes

When we try to symbolicate the crash following the below steps

symbolicate -o "symbolicatedCrash.txt" "MyAppName 2-12-14, 9-44 PM.crash" ""

following the below link with dsym files
it is not showing any error, but the symbolication is not showing meaning full information.
Can you please help in symbolicating the crash.

And also is there is any way that we can schedule a screen sharing section with Microsoft team for 30 mins. As we cannot share any source code in Forums.

Thanks in Advance.

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  1. Bruce ( 59,306 Reputation points

    the crash file has address in the dumps. symbolicate uses the symbol file (.dSYM) from the build to update the addresses to symbol name (and source line number if available) when defined. this make the crash log more readable.

    first you are interested the exception. then you are interested in the backtrace to determine what the app was doing. you particularly want to follow the trace of the thread that crashed.

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