Why does GPT-4-O in azure openAI randomly return inappropriate content errors when the content is appropriate?

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good morning,

i'm using gpt4-o with azure openai in the US2 region, i've observed that it often returns inappropriate content errors knowing that my content is not at all inappropriate, the same request can be considered as inappropriate content at time t, and normal content just after (it's random). i've modified the “content filter” at different levels but without success, knowing that i don't encounter this problem with gpt4-turbo and gpt3.5-turbo.

ps: I use the french chat, I don't know if it depends on that too.

could you tell me how to limit this kind of error when it's not about inappropriate content?

thank you in advance for your help


Azure OpenAI Service
Azure OpenAI Service
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Azure AI Content Safety
Azure AI Content Safety
An Azure service that enables users to identify content that is potentially offensive, risky, or otherwise undesirable. Previously known as Azure Content Moderator.
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