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Currently all machines formatted with two partitions C drive for Windows, D drive for Data. Planning to install Windows 11 without format steps to avoid format D drive that contains users data. and in Apply operating Step i selected C drive to apply WIM file.

My questions:

  • USMT creates a local state store for each partition, even USMT copy D Data again into _SMSTaskSequence and the same for C drive the folder contins users profile data.

is possible to change USMT path for Drive C to be copied to Drive D?

SCCM Windows 10 USMT

  • Second question: when i removed format and partition step and select drive c to apply wim file inside Apply Operating System Step. it giving me message Wiping Volume C is that means that the C drive will be formatted, because i have noticed in SMSTS log file a lot of messages said unable to delete directory in C drive (Documents and Settings) which is located in C drive

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![Wiping volume C:](/api/attachments/3e12774a-9bbd-48fa-87fb-3879a3f070dd?platform=QnA)

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    1. Yes, it is possible to change the User State Migration Tool (USMT) path for Drive C to be copied to Drive D.
    ScanState D:\MigStore /i:MigApp.xml /i:MigUser.xml

    In this example, D:\MigStore is the file path where USMT will store the data it scans from the source computer. You can change this to any valid file path on your system.

    1. when i removed format and partition step

    We could add diskpart script to format C drive.