How can I set the `accurate` scalingStrategy for Container App Jobs?

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I'm using a ServiceBus to broker messages that will require us to spawn a ContainerApp Job execution for each message. However, I'm having trouble finding the proper configuration.

Specifically, I see that there should be a scalingStrategy of accurate which the KEDA documentation says to use if (like us) your queue does not include locked messages:

"accurate If the scaler returns queueLength (number of items in the queue) that does not include the number of locked messages, this strategy is recommended. Azure Storage Queue is one example. You can use this strategy if you delete a message once your app consumes it."

Since we are running long executions so we are using Receive-and-Delete mode instead of Peek-Lock on our ServiceBus, so we fall into this category where we are deleting the message as soon as we consume it.But I'm not seeing any option to set scalingStrategy within the documentation related to Azure ServiceBus scalers, nor in the Azure documentation.

Has anyone figured out how to set this?

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