[HLK] All test items failed at "Configure Crash dump event log setting" since cmd te.exe failed.

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Dear Microsoft QA team,

I am currently conducting HLK testing for a newly developed Windows 11 driver. The testing environment is newly deployed. However, all test items are failing at the initial "Configure Crash dump event log setting" stage. Based on the logs, I guess that the failure is due to the [WTT\VirtualAsset] parameter is not found. This results the string “[WTT\VirtualAsset]" not being replaced in the command line "cmd /c te.exe /enablewttlogging /appendwttlogging Driververifierconfiguration.dll /name:Microsoft::Hardware::Kits::KitSetupConfiguration::ConfigureCrashDumpEventLogSetting /p:"IsVirtualAsset=[WTT\VirtualAsset]" /rebootstatefile=hlk_reboot_state.xml," causing the command to immediately fail and interrupt the testing.

I suspect that the WTT\VirtualAsset attribute is expected to be listed in the Dimensions of the test machine displayed in HLK Studio. However, I only see a similar attribute named WTT\VirtualMachine and have not found a way to add a new attribute.

Added: I used HLK Manager to edit the cmd in the job "Configure Crash dump event log setting", removed the parameter and then save. but still has the same failed at this cmd.

Here is the error reported:

Cause : Failed to Parse the Logfile "" of Type "None" For Task "Configure Crash dump event log setting"
Failure : Failed to determine Pass/Failure of the task "Configure Crash dump event log setting". Task Will be marked as Failed anyway.
Cause : Copying LogFiles From TaskGuidXML "C:\Data\Test\bin\WTT\JobsWorkingDir\Tasks\WTTJobRun48645764-1620-EF11-8BA4-00155D4A8C07\BC7A8AC5-63B9-4F56-8CB6-791DE0774EF1.xml" For Task "Configure Crash dump event log setting"
Failure : Failed to Parse the LogFile Associated with the Execute Task
Failure : Failed to Copy the Logfiles associated with the Execute Task
Cause : Failed to Parse the RollupCounts XML file  "C:\Data\Test\bin\WTT\JobsWorkingDir\Tasks\WTTJobRun48645764-1620-EF11-8BA4-00155D4A8C07\BC7A8AC5-63B9-4F56-8CB6-791DE0774EF1.xml" For Task "Configure Crash dump event log setting".
Cause : Failed to initialize WTTXMLEditor for log file C:\Data\Test\bin\WTT\JobsWorkingDir\Tasks\WTTJobRun48645764-1620-EF11-8BA4-00155D4A8C07\BC7A8AC5-63B9-4F56-8CB6-791DE0774EF1.xml
Cause : the rollup counts XML file  "C:\Data\Test\bin\WTT\JobsWorkingDir\Tasks\WTTJobRun48645764-1620-EF11-8BA4-00155D4A8C07\BC7A8AC5-63B9-4F56-8CB6-791DE0774EF1.xml" For Task "Configure Crash dump event log setting" does not exist.
Cause : The Execute Task with Commandline cmd /c te.exe /enablewttlogging /appendwttlogging Driververifierconfiguration.dll /name:Microsoft::Hardware::Kits::KitSetupConfiguration::ConfigureCrashDumpEventLogSetting /p:"IsVirtualAsset=[WTT\VirtualAsset]" /rebootstatefile=hlk_reboot_state.xml Failed with ExitCode 1
Cause : CKeyEvaluator::ExpandString : Parameter [WTT\VirtualAsset] not Found...will Keep it as it is

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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