Unable to intercept the print jobs with Print Support App and Microsoft IPP Driver

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Hi Team,
I'm building the PSA print support application using a sample PSA code provided by MS, I am not able to confirm whether the app is activated with PrintSupportSettingsUI and WorkflowTask could you please help me with this?
I followed below steps:

  1. Project Setup:
    • Created a new UWP project in Visual Studio.
  2. Configuration of Package.appxmanifest:
    • Added print support extensions in the manifest:
           <printsupport:Extension Category="windows.printSupportWorkflow" EntryPoint="Printer_Support_App/>
           <printsupport:Extension Category="windows.printSupportSettingsUI" EntryPoint="Printer_Support_App.SettingsPage"/>
    • Added capabilities:
           <Capability Name="internetClient" />
           <Capability Name="privateNetworkClientServer" />
           <DeviceCapability Name="printers" />
  3. Development of PSA Components:
    • Created SettingsPage.xaml.cs and SettingsPageViewModel.cs for managing settings.
    • Implemented WorkflowTask.cs to handle print workflow tasks with Logging.
  4. Driver Configuration:
    • Configured the IPP printer driver in Windows settings. By selecting "Microsoft IPP Class Driver" from the driver list in printer properties.
  5. Firewall and Network Configuration:
    • Ensured the PSA app was allowed through the firewall.
    • Verified the printer was accessible over the network.
  6. Execution and Issue Observation:
    • Deployed the application and initiated print jobs.
    • Observed that the print jobs were processed, but the PSA did not intercept the jobs as expected.

Despite following these steps, the PSA is not intercepting the print jobs. Any guidance or solutions from the community would be greatly appreciated.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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