how to get the microsoft graph api latest updated user group changes to identify modified user.

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unable to get the modified information for particular user in groups if there is any update happens for a single user in graph api for azure active directory.

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  1. WilliamN 390 Reputation points

    To retrieve recently modified or added users from Azure Active Directory using the Graph API, you have a couple of options:

    Option 1: Delta Queries

    Delta queries allow you to track changes in your directory. You can use the user-delta endpoint to get a list of users that have been modified or added since the last query.

    Here’s an example of how to use delta queries to fetch users in C#:

    csharpCopy code

    Make sure to handle the nextLink or deltaLink in the response to retrieve subsequent pages of results.

    Option 2: Owned Objects

    If you’re interested in groups that a specific user owns, you can use the ownedObjects endpoint. This will give you a list of directory objects (including groups) owned by the user.

    The request would look like this:

    httpCopy code

    You can then filter the results to get the group names and types.

    Detailed Steps for Delta Queries

    Initialize Delta Query:

    • Make a request to the users/delta endpoint to get the initial set of users and a @odata.deltaLink to track changes.

    Process Initial Response:

      - The initial response will include the current state of users and a **`@odata.deltaLink`**.
      **Track Changes Using Delta Link:**
         - Use the **`@odata.deltaLink`** to periodically check for updates since the last query.

    Example for Delta Queries in Python

    Here’s how you can implement delta queries using Python and the requests library:

    pythonCopy code

    Handling Pagination

    When making delta queries, handle pagination using @odata.nextLink for multiple pages of results:

    csharpCopy code

    By using delta queries and owned objects endpoints, you can efficiently track and retrieve modified or added users and their related groups in Azure Active Directory.


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  2. Saranya Madhu-MSFT 385 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Anand Mallela ,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    I understand that you are trying to get updates on users in groups using Graph API.

    As per the document to get newly created, updated, or deleted groups, including group membership changes, without having to perform a full read of the entire group collection, you can use delta query on groups


    You can use $select=members to get membership changes. You can additionally track other changes like ownership and more by selecting any group relationship of type directoryObject collection.

    Refer here to track changes on group with delta function.

    You can also subscribe to change notifications which enable applications to receive alerts when a Microsoft Graph resource they're interested in changes; that is, created, updated, or deleted. The Microsoft Graph REST API can deliver change notifications to clients through various endpoints, including webhooks, Event Hubs, and Event Grid.

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    Document reference:

    Hope this helps.

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