How to restore POST in channels of Teams using API

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We are trying to restore the POST tabs in channel of Teams using API but we are not able to find any API for the same

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    Hello Friend,

    Restoring deleted posts in Microsoft Teams channels directly via the API is not natively supported as of the latest updates from Microsoft Graph APIs. However, there are a few approaches you could consider to handle this scenario:

    Workarounds and Best Practices

    1. Backup Messages Regularly

    One proactive approach is to regularly backup the messages and tabs configuration in your Teams channels. By doing so, you can re-post messages if they are accidentally deleted.

    Here's how you can back up messages using Microsoft Graph API:

    1. Fetch Messages from a Channel:
       Authorization: Bearer {access-token}

    This API will retrieve the messages from a specific channel. You can then store these messages in a backup storage.

    1. Re-post Messages: If you need to restore a deleted message, you can use the stored backup to re-post the message:
       Authorization: Bearer {access-token}
       Content-Type: application/json
         "body": {
           "content": "Restored message content"
    1. Restore Tab Configurations

    If you need to restore tab configurations, you can recreate them using the backed-up configuration data.

    1. Back up Tab Configuration: Retrieve and store the configuration of existing tabs:
       Authorization: Bearer {access-token}
    1. Recreate Tab: Use the stored configuration to recreate the tab:
       Authorization: Bearer {access-token}
       Content-Type: application/json
         "displayName": "Restored Tab",
         "teamsApp@odata.bind": "{app-id}",
         "configuration": {
           "entityId": "12345",
           "contentUrl": "",
           "removeUrl": "",
           "websiteUrl": ""

    Automating the Process

    To automate the backup and restore process, consider creating a script or a scheduled task using Azure Logic Apps, Power Automate, or a similar tool. This can periodically back up messages and tabs configurations and provide an easy way to restore them when needed.

    Monitoring for Changes

    You can use Microsoft Graph change notifications to monitor changes in Teams channels, including message deletions. This can trigger your backup process automatically.

    Authorization: Bearer {access-token}
    Content-Type: application/json
      "changeType": "deleted",
      "notificationUrl": "",
      "resource": "teams/{team-id}/channels/{channel-id}/messages",
      "expirationDateTime": "2024-06-10T18:23:45.9356913Z",
      "clientState": "secretClientValue"

    By implementing a combination of these approaches, you can ensure that you have the necessary backups and the ability to restore posts and tabs in Teams channels, even though direct restoration via API is not available. I hope this helps you. Have a nice day!!!