Cannot get Facebook channel to work with Azure Language (chat) bot.

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Hi, I've set up an Azure chat bot that works beautifully on my website (and in Azure's "test in webchat").

I've since tried to integrate that into my Facebook messenger so that people who message my business site via messenger are conneceted to the chatbot. I've followed these instructions to the letter and set my app to "Live"

When I log in as the admin profile and try to message the business page - nothing happens.

How do I test this? It seems I can't test it to get it reviewed and I cant get it reviewed without it being tested.

Really appreciate your help.


Azure AI Bot Service
Azure AI Bot Service
An Azure service that provides an integrated environment for bot development.
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Azure AI Language
Azure AI Language
An Azure service that provides natural language capabilities including sentiment analysis, entity extraction, and automated question answering.
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