Got error " We couldn't connect your data" when connecting chat playgroup's own data source

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Hi MSFT team,

I was using chat playground in azure openai studio. I add the data source using files (only 2 small HTML files with less than 100kb) saved in a blob storage container. I have all the open ai and ai search resources set up correctly. But i saw the error message saying "We couldn't connect your data. An unexpected error occurred while processing your data. Please try again." Previously, i could be able to set up the data source using the same approach without any issue. Now i cannot do it using the same approach and i was wondering if there is anything wrong in the indexing process?

PS. I saw someone reports similar issue in ticket: . Did you change some of your data indexing process so it impact a wide range of users?


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  1. Miguel Fernández Corral 190 Reputation points

    Hello, did you review the CORS settings in your storage account? Maybe the data is not public and should be.

    Another possible Issue is a temporary service problem.



  2. YutongTie-MSFT 47,676 Reputation points

    Thanks for reaching out to us and reporting this issue, I see several threads reporting this issue, to help you out of this issue soon -

    • Please share the HAR file to us so that we can get more details.
    • We will escalate this issue to product team for investigation, will update here if any response we receive.
    • I am happy to enable you a free ticket to investigate this issue at the meantime.

    I hope this helps!



  3. Syed Ahmed 0 Reputation points

    Hi, the issue has been resolved, I believe it's the Microsoft backend issue.

  4. superbunny1025 15 Reputation points


    The indexing process still has the error that the vector search fields cannot be automatically correctly created when using the azure openai chat playground portal (data source: azure blob storage). Saw the following error and multiple people reports the same issue:

    An error occurred when calling Azure Cognitive Search: Azure Search: Please assign a proper column/field for vector search. It should be of type Collection(Edm.Single)

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  5. superbunny1025 15 Reputation points

    Update: issue solved.

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