how to perform one time backup using DPM2019

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we do have dpm 2019 on windows server 2016 for backing up data ,shares vm...etc now i have a huge amount of different types of data that need to be backed up once on tape .my question is : how can i use dpm to preform one time backup for those files(not included in regular protection groups)?

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    To perform a one-time backup for files not included in regular protection groups using Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2019 on Windows Server 2016, you can follow these steps:

    Open the DPM console:

    Launch the DPM Administrator Console on the DPM server.

    Create a new protection group:

    In the DPM console, go to the “Protection” workspace.

    Click on “Create” and select “File Server” as the workload type for the protection group.

    Specify data source:

    In the “Select Group Members” window, select the file server or the specific folders or shares that contain the data you want to backup.

    Choose backup method:

    Select the “Tape” option as the backup method. This will allow you to perform a one-time backup directly to tape.

    Specify tape options:

    Configure the tape library, if not already configured, and select the specific tape where you want to store the one-time backup.

    Schedule backup:

    Set the backup frequency to “Once,” which will ensure that DPM performs a one-time backup of the selected data source.

    Best Regards,

    Hania Lian


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