Trouble Locating Registry Key from Process monitor for Visual Studio Express

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Hello everyone,

I have been using Process Monitor (Procmon) to track changes in the registry when I set up auto recovery and a few text editor settings in Visual Studio Express. However, I'm having trouble locating the specific registry key that is being modified. Despite seeing the activity in Procmon, I can't seem to find the exact registry key to verify or modify it manually.

The registry that is displayed in process monitor after making changes to the settings:


Auto Recovery:

  • \REGISTRY\A{b976085c-821e-d0bc-7ef3-9609c4ccc30d}\Software\Microsoft\WDExpress\15.0_6c7fd93f\General\AutoRecover\AutoRecover Save Interval
  • \REGISTRY\A{b976085c-821e-d0bc-7ef3-9609c4ccc30d}\Software\Microsoft\WDExpress\15.0_6c7fd93f\General\AutoRecover\AutoRecover Keep Interval

Text editor>Basic>snippet behavior:


Text editor>C#>snippet behavior:

  • \REGISTRY\A{945d1672-c150-528f-a102-e67b94585dee}\Software\Microsoft\WDExpress\15.0_6c7fd93f\ApplicationPrivateSettings\TextEditor\CSharp\Specific\SnippetsBehavior

I am able to find "HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WDExpress\15.0_6c7fd93f" , but not able to find the registry keys General , Auto recover, etc.

Hoping someone here could provide some insight or solutions.

Thanks in advance

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    The registry paths posted indicate that VS Express is using a private registry hive. It is only available to the application that loads it while that application is running.

    In Visual Studio Community 2022 the file containing the private registry hive is named privateregistry.bin and is located in the user's profile under the AppData key. I don't use VS Express so I can't give you the specific location that it uses for the private registry.

    Private registry usage is discussed in this blog article - Mysteries of the Registry

    You can load the private registry file with regedit while VS is NOT RUNNING. Make sure to unload the file when you are through before exiting regedit.

    For example,


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