how to create a uwp button control

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I want to know how to create a uwp button control. I use this thread to test AI feature on Microsoft Q&A.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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    To create a UWP button control, you can follow these steps:

    1. Open your UWP project in Visual Studio.
    2. Double-click on the MainPage.xaml file to open it in the Design view.
    3. Click on the vertical Toolbox tab on the left to open the list of UI controls.
    4. Expand Common XAML Controls, and drag the Button out to the middle of the design canvas.
    5. If you look at the XAML code window, you'll see that the Button has been added there too.

    Here's an example of what the XAML code for the button might look like:

    <Button x:Name="myButton" Content="Click me!" Click="myButton_Click" />

    In this example, the button has a name of "myButton", displays the text "Click me!", and has a Click event handler named "myButton_Click".


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