Problems with HTTP connector with PFX certificate

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So, Here is the problem that i currently have and my current situation.

Current situation :

We have a logic apps where we make an API call to a third party that needs a PFX certificate in order to authenticate. We had some issues in our development phase where we were forced to convert the PFX file to Base64 and save that in our Azure Key vault.

Eventuelly we will retrieve those values in our work flow and everything seems fine.

Now we have entered the phase of production and we are doing the exact same method as of our development and acceptance phase and it doesnt work.

We are getting the error :

Could not load the certificate private key. Please check the authentication certificate password is correct and try again.

We have also tried converting the PFX file to PEM and PEM back to PFX and tried to get that Base64 in our logic apps but it also does not work.

We have tried almost everything from StackOverflow to ChatGPT and Co-pilot but none of them give us the results where we have hoped for.

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