How to deploy an api server in azure app service using dockers, by building an image directly from python directory? 0 Reputation points

I want to deploy an API server using the azure app service, but with a few caveats:

When I deploy this server locally, I'm using a package called langgraph-cli, (all I need is type the command "langgraph up" in terminal)which directly loads the server. Internally this package uses docker and builds the API server by creating 3 docker containers. I want to know how I could deploy this server on cloud using azure.

First, can this be done with Azure app service where I deploy from code?

i.e. in the Azure cloud shell, can I first git clone my repository, then download dockers, pip install all the requirements(including the langgraph-cli package), and build and run the image directly from Azure cloud shell?
Or this is not viable and I have to use azure VM?

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Azure App Service
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  1. ajkuma 23,911 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Apologies for the delayed response.

    Based on my understanding of you scenario description, you may have to customize and leverage the following service approach:

    Migrate custom software to Azure App Service using a custom container

    User's image

    Ref: Deploy a containerized Python app to App Service

    Azure App Service supports the deployment of Docker containers. You can create a new App Service and configure it to use the Docker image you pushed to ACR.

    Please note that while Azure App Service does support the deployment of Docker containers, there are some limitations compared to using a full-fledged VM, such as restrictions imposed by the App Service sandbox. For control over the underlying host VM, you may consider to use Azure VM or another Azure service that supports Docker containers, such as Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) or Azure Container Instances (ACI), or Azure Container Apps

    Azure Cloud Shell has some limitations, such as limited disk space and limited runtime (FAQs).

    Kindly let us know, I'll be happy to follow-up further.

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