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I am testing a connection to a Webhook I have connected to a Teams channel I have created.

I get the URL with my domain and send a message and get it. All is well.

My question is why when I write anything in my domain, it still works. Shouldn't the domain matter?

If I change even one letter in the generated paths it does not work, as expected, but in the part "icanwriteanything", I can literally write anything and it will still work.

I hope someone can shed some light on this matter, because I think it should not work. Maybe I missed something in the documentation.

Thank you.


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    The behavior you are experiencing with the webhook URL is due to the wildcard domain feature that Microsoft Teams supports for webhook URLs. This feature allows you to have flexibility in the subdomain part of the URL while ensuring that the main domain remains the same.

    When you mention that you can write anything in the subdomain part of the URL (e.g., "icanwriteanything"), and it still works, it is because Microsoft Teams validates the main domain (in this case, "webhook.office.com") and allows flexibility in the subdomain part. This behavior is intentional and designed to provide developers with some level of flexibility while maintaining security standards.


    Prasad Das


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