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I created a Windows configuration profile in Intune using Settings catalog to enable and rename the Administrator account. I apply this in most tenant's to work in conjunction with Windows LAPS. I am getting strange results.

In one tenant, I applied a user-based Autopilot on a Windows 11 device. After all is said and done, I validate that the Administrator account is activated and renamed. I validate that the registry setting at Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PolicyManager\providers\AdministratorGUID\default\Device\LocalPoliciesSecurityOptions Accounts_RenameAdministratorAccount shows the new name. When I open Computer Management - the Admin account is renamed.

With another tenant, I apply a pre-provisioned Autopilot on a Windows 11 device. After I seal and then unseal and log in with a user account, I validate that the same registry key as above shows the new name. Unfortunately when I open Computer Management - Administrator is activated but shows Administrator as the name. Windows LAPS does not apply as the policy is looking for the renamed account.

I checked Local Security Policy on both devices and the "broken" one shows Adminsitrator, while the working one shows the rename.

Both of the autopilot's are entra joined. About to wipe and reload the device that worked and run a pre provision on it to see what happens. Was going to user based autopilot the "broken" device. If anyone can offer a solution, please let me know.

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  1. ZhoumingDuan-MSFT 9,790 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    @Matt Dillon,Thanks for posting in Q&A.

    We are glad to know that you have found out the problem. Please allow me to give a brief summary of this problem to help people with the same problem.

    Issue Description:

    Rename Admin Account got issue using pre-provisioned Autopilot deployment mode.


    From your description, we know that the issue of renaming administrators occurs in Autopilot pre-provisioned deployment mode; to solve this issue, it is recommended use User-Driven mode.

    Thanks for your time and have a nice day!

    Or you can open an online case to get deep dive Autopilot pre-provisioned.

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  2. Matt Dillon 1,211 Reputation points

    Does not work 100% in autopilot pre provisioning, but seems to self correct overnight. I'll try to write a PowerShell script to force the change. Should not have to, but we do what we must.