I can't sign up for an Azure account without a phone number as I don't have one. What belief-friendly alternatives are provided?

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I am trying to sign up for an Azure account but during the signup process I am expected to provide a phone number and verify it.

Due to my beliefs, I do not and cannot have a phone number. What alternatives does Microsoft/Azure provide for those with belief systems incompatible with their self-signup form?

I tried to create a troubleshooting ticket to ask this instead but was repeatedly getting the error so I had to resort to the forums:

The portal is having issues getting an authentication token. The experience rendered may be degraded. Additional information from the call to get a token: Extension: fx Resource: portalservicerp Details: The logged in user is not authorized to fetch tokens for extension 'fx' because the user account is not a member of tenant 'f8cdef31-a31e-4b4a-93e4-5f571e91255a'. Error details: invalid_grant: 50020 - [2024-06-06 00:27:08Z]: AADSTS50020: User account '{EUII Hidden}' from identity provider 'live.com' does not exist in tenant 'Microsoft Services' and cannot access the application 'c44b4083-3bb0-49c1-b47d-974e53cbdf3c'(Azure Portal) in that tenant. The account needs to be added as an external user in the tenant first. Sign out and sign in again with a different Azure Active Directory user account. Trace ID: 90c49284-d74b-4150-9045-e381bd333d00 Correlation ID: b264f395-2374-4e64-893b-8575e423a001 Timestamp: 2024-06-06 00:27:08Z - Correlation ID: b264f395-2374-4e64-893b-8575e423a001 - Trace ID: 90c49284-d74b-4150-9045-e381bd333d00

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