Specific user can't login before 8am.

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We have 4 AVD desktops, 3 of them are scheduled at night to turn off and turn back on at 8am. 1 of the desktops stays on at all times.

We have a user who can't seem to login until the other servers are back online. When she tries to login at or before 8am she gets stuck at the welcome screen and the spinning dots.

If anyone has had a similar situation and was able to resolve it, please let me know what we need to do to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance!

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Azure Virtual Desktop
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  1. William 540 Reputation points

    It seems that the user's login difficulty is specifically tied to the scheduled restart of the AVD desktops at 8 am. As a result, the user experiences delays in logging in until the other servers are fully operational.

    Solution: To promptly resolve this issue for the single user affected, I recommend the following steps:

    Adjust Desktop Schedule: Modify the schedule of the AVD desktops to ensure they are fully operational before the user attempts to log in at 8 am. This adjustment should eliminate the delays experienced during login.

    Verify Network Connectivity: Confirm that there are no network connectivity issues during the login process, as any disruptions could impede the user's ability to log in successfully.

    Check for Dependencies: Evaluate any dependencies between the user's desktop and other systems being turned on. This includes network dependencies, shared resources, or application dependencies that could affect the login process.

    Validate User Profile Configuration: Ensure the user's profile is properly configured and free of any inconsistencies or errors that could hinder the login process.

    Review User Permissions: Double-check the user's permissions and access rights to ensure they have the necessary privileges to log in and access required resources.

    Ensure System Updates: Verify that all systems, including the user's desktop and servers, are up to date with the latest patches and updates. Outdated software could potentially cause unexpected login issues.

    By addressing these steps, you can efficiently resolve the user's login problem and ensure seamless access to the AVD desktop, particularly during critical login periods such as before or at 8 am.

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