Implementing RAG Application with Dynamic Index Refresh on Azure Storage Blob Changes

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I am working on creating a Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) application and I need assistance with dynamically refreshing the index based on changes in Azure Storage Blob. Specifically, I want to trigger reindexing when new documents are added or existing documents are deleted from the blob storage.


  • The RAG application initially indexes documents stored in Azure Storage Blob.
  • When new documents are added or existing documents are deleted, the index should automatically refresh to include/exclude these documents.
  • The updated index should be used for future queries to ensure the latest documents are considered.


  1. Detecting Changes: How can I detect changes (additions or deletions) in Azure Storage Blob?
  2. Triggering Reindexing: What is the best way to trigger the reindexing process upon detecting changes?
  3. Sample Code: Any example code or guidance on implementing this would be highly appreciated.

Current Progress:

I am familiar with setting up a RAG application and indexing documents, but I am unsure about the best approach to monitor and handle changes in Azure Storage Blob to dynamically refresh the index.

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