Show a Planner Plan as a Tab inside Teams Channel is no more working using Graph API, any advice?

john john Pter 115 Reputation points

I have this workflow which:-

  1. Create a new Team Channel
  2. Create a new Planner Plan
  3. Show the Planner Plan as a tab inside the Team Channel.

this was working well for around 6 months, but recently it stop working as expected.Here is my workflow which calls the Graph API (my question is not regarding power automate flow, but rather related to Graph API):-




here is the "Body of the request" for showing the plan as a tab inside channel action:-

    "displayName": "@{outputs('Compose_-_Friendly_Planner_Name')}",
    "teamsApp@odata.bind": "",
    "configuration": {
        "entityId": "@{body('Invoke_an_HTTP_request_-_Create_new_Channel')?['id']}",
        "contentUrl": "{tid}/Home/PlannerFrame?page=7&auth_pvr=OrgId&auth_upn={userPrincipalName}&groupId={groupId}&planId=@{variables('PlannerID')}&channelId={channelId}&entityId={entityId}&tid={tid}&userObjectId={userObjectId}&subEntityId={subEntityId}&sessionId={sessionId}&theme={theme}&mkt={locale}&ringId={ringId}&PlannerRouteHint={tid}",
        "removeUrl": "{tid}/Home/PlannerFrame?page=13&auth_pvr=OrgId&auth_upn={userPrincipalName}&groupId={groupId}&planId=@{variables('PlannerID')}&channelId={channelId}&entityId={entityId}&tid={tid}&userObjectId={userObjectId}&subEntityId={subEntityId}&sessionId={sessionId}&theme={theme}&mkt={locale}&ringId={ringId}&PlannerRouteHint={tid}",
        "websiteUrl": "{tid}/Home/PlanViews/@{variables('PlannerID')}?Type=PlanLink&Channel=TeamsTab"



Currently when i click on the new channel tab i will not get the new planner tasks, i will rather get "My Tasks",as follow:-




previously i use to get the related Planner tasks as follow:-




any advice, why this is no loner working as it use to be?



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  1. AsithwMSFT 1,420 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    @john john Pter Do you see any graph API error response message or can you decode the access token with ( to get more information?

    It could be that the Client Secret you registered in Azure AD has expired. if it is set to 6 months

  2. AsithwMSFT 1,420 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @john john Pter

    Here I am adding new answer instead of last one

    I created Teams Tab using the similar way you did via graph api and got the same Team's Tab view as you.

    After closely examining the request payload, I changed the format of the entityId value and achieved the view you mentioned. Could you try it ?"

    entity id format was like this

    "entityId": "tt.c_{channelId}_p_{planId}_h_{uniqueId}"

    here is sample request payload that I tried. (Note- this format is captured from Teams Planner app)

      "displayName": "My tab 2",
      "teamsApp@odata.bind": "",
      "configuration": {
        "entityId": "tt.c_19:5c5b0ae547084496a4707c8bdb3db9c1@thread.tacv2_p_5XK80bGx1Uynb7gDB8Z7qMkBFEEx_h_1
        "contentUrl": "{tid}/Home/PlannerFrame?page=7&auth_pvr=OrgId&auth_upn={userPrincipalName}&groupId={groupId}&planId=5XK80bGx1Uynb7gDB8Z7qMkBFEEx&channelId={channelId}&entityId={entityId}&tid={tid}&userObjectId={userObjectId}&subEntityId={subEntityId}&sessionId={sessionId}&theme={theme}&mkt={locale}&ringId={ringId}&PlannerRouteHint={tid}&tabVersion=20200228.1_s",
        "websiteUrl": ""

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