Azure.Search.Documents vector search successful, but response is null

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I am currently performing vector search according to the code guide that can be found here:

I created the index, uploaded the documents and was able to perform the search. However, the properties of the search result are always "null", even though the search was successfully performed and the results can be found in Non-public members -> RawResponse -> Content:

2024-06-07 14_20_24-ChatBot (Debugging) - Microsoft Visual Studio

I have the impression the response is not being correctly deserialized, even though the properties of the class I created (AzureSearchDocument) are exactly the same ones in my index:

public class AzureSearchDocument
	public string Id { get; set; }
    public string Title { get; set; }    
	public string Product { get; set; }    
	public ReadOnlyMemory
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