How to connect a txt file with Copilot Studio as knowledge?

Lorena Marin-Gaviria (TMC) 0 Reputation points

I would like to connect my dataset that is in a txt file with Microsoft Copilot studio to use as knowledge or to call an action to search on that dataset.

Is that possible? The size of my file is 8M. What is the best way to connect it? I already built the AI instructions and more.

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  1. Fred Gates 15 Reputation points


    Microsoft Copilot Studio offers two options for connecting a text file like yours:

    Uploading the TXT File (Preview):

    This is the simplest method for smaller files. Copilot Studio allows uploading documents for use with its generative answers feature (preview). However, there are some limitations to consider:

    File size limit: The current preview restricts uploads to a size limit (specific size information might not be publicly available). An 8MB file might be on the edge. Check the Copilot Studio documentation for the latest size limit.

    Security: The uploaded content becomes accessible to anyone interacting with the copilot. Make sure your text file doesn't contain sensitive information.

    Here's how to upload your TXT file:

    Open your copilot in Copilot Studio.

    Expand the "Settings" on the side navigation pane.

    Select "Generative AI."

    Under "Upload a document (preview)," drag and drop your TXT file or click "Browse" to select it.

    Add a name and description for the uploaded file (optional but recommended).

    Click "Add" to finish adding the knowledge source.

    Connecting Through Dataverse (if applicable):

    This method is more robust for larger files and offers better security control. However, it requires you to have a connected Dataverse environment. Here's a breakdown:

    Dataverse: This is Microsoft's cloud-based data storage service. If you already have a Dataverse environment set up and your text file is stored there as a table, you can connect Copilot Studio to it.

    Security: Dataverse offers access control features federal marketplace, so you can restrict who can access the information in your text file.

    Here's how to connect Copilot Studio to Dataverse (specific steps might vary slightly depending on your version):

    In Copilot Studio, navigate to the "Add knowledge" section (location might differ based on version).

    Select the option for connecting a Dataverse environment.

    Follow the prompts to connect your specific Dataverse environment.

    Once connected, you can configure Copilot Studio to access the relevant table containing your text data.

    Choosing the Best Method:

    For an 8MB file, uploading the TXT file directly might work if it falls under the size limit. However, if security is a concern or the file size exceeds the limit, consider connecting Copilot Studio to your Dataverse environment (if available).