How to configure nginx ingress loadbalancer in ARO cluster?

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I need the procedure for configuring NGINX ingress loadbalancer in ARO cluster with 4.14 Openshift version.

Can you help me on this please.


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    Hello Mangi,Balaraju,IN-Chennai,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Q&A and thank you for posting your questions here.

    I understand that you are in need the procedure for configuring NGINX ingress load balancer in ARO cluster with 4.14 Openshift version.


    To configure a NGINX Ingress Controller in an Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) cluster involves several steps the first thing is to put prerequisite into the consideration.


    ARO Cluster: Ensure you have an ARO cluster running OpenShift 4.14.

    Kubectl and oc CLI tools: Install and configure kubectl and oc command-line tools to interact with your OpenShift cluster.

    Then, you can continue with these procedures:

    Configuration Examples | NGINX Ingress Controller.

    Should there be any case you might want to configure the NGINX Ingress Controller using annotations, custom templates, or additional configurations specific to your use case. Refer to the [NGINX Ingress Controller documentation for more details on customization options.

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