Excel shape resizes when moved

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I am having issue with this code below. I am attempting to copy and paste a shape to certain position. When I adjust the .top and .left property of the copied shape the height and width get altered slightly from the original. Why is the shapes height and width changing by setting a new top and left property?

Sub move_selection()
    'assume shape is already selected
    Dim vSel, vSel_copy, temp_height, temp_width As Variant
    Set vSel = Selection
    temp_height = vSel.Height
    temp_width = vSel.Width
    Set vSel_copy = Selection
    With vSel_copy
        .Placement = xlFreeFloating
        .left = vSel.left + 50
        .top = vSel.top
    End With
End Sub
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